The Speed Wash Hot Hi Foam Car Wash is designed to give a fast, efficient wash to all types of vehicles with the minimum of effort.
Using the specially formulated Hi Foam Detergent and special rinse aid (wax) and combined with the inbuilt water softener which removes all hardness, the vehicles are cleaned to perfection and dry out streak free. The unit can be used either as a token-operated 'Self-Serve' with an automatic programme of timed cycles or by using a key-operated switch to select the various cycles. Daily maintenance is kept to a minimum, it is only necessary to check the levels of detergent, rinse aid, salt and fuel oil. Operating costs amount to approximately 100c per car which covers the cost of detergent, rinse aid, salt, fuel oil and electricity. Overhead booms are fitted to prevent mechanical damage to the foam and rinse hoses. Snap couplings on all hoses for easy connection. Illuminated headboard with wash progress lighting gives increased promotion.


  • Extra revenue from your forecourt.
  • High reliability and efficiency.
  • Ease of Operation
  • Fully Adaptable to wash all Vehicles
  • Range of colour options available
  • Coin Token and Codax